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Now, for my rusty social media resume from college (which was years ago):

Contact Me: woznicse at dukes dot jmu dot edu


I am a current senior at James Madison University. I am expecting to graduate in May 2013. I am a double major in Communication Studies and Media Arts & Design. My concentrations are Public Relations and Corporate Communications respectively. I am a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and have a 3.86 GPA.

Relevant Classes:
Introduction to Public Relations
  • In “Introduction to Public Relations,” we focused on learning about the basics of public relations, such as communication models, the parts of a press release, and the various sectors of public relations, such as crisis communication, internal communications, and public affairs.
  • In accordance with the Honors Program needs, I wrote about Crisis Management Online.
Public Relations Writing 
  • We focused on learning the basics on how to write every type of document that one is likely to come across in Public Relations, such as PSA’s, feature stories, media releases, and biographical sketches.  Below are some samples of different styles of writing from SCOM 261.
  • Media Release: Here is my media release, a fictitious release about a real event that was occurring on campus.
  • Biographical Sketches: The first sketch I wrote was about Ariana Huffington, compiled from information I found online.
  • Feature Story: I wrote a feature story inspired by my volunteerism at the SPCA, but not a real account of an event.
  • Public Service Announcement: My PSA is about extending the bus hours around campus, which also did not occur, but demonstrates my skills in Public Relations Writing.
Introduction to Communications Research
  • The primary assignment of SCOM 280 was to construct a research project.  We were instructed to compose a Literature Review, create a draft of our proposed research methods, then propose ideas for future research.  Essentially, we created a potential research project and did all the research and information gathering, but did not actually conduct the proposed research methods.  Here is my final draft of the literature review research methods.
Introduction to Corporate Communication
  • In “Introduction to Corporate Communication,” we focused on learning about how to communicate your businesses various constituencies via a variety of forums.
  • The first writing assignment we had in SMAD 241 was to create a communication plan for the unveiling of a new name and logo for a fictions college.  We were encouraged to keep in mind each constituency and were given a short time frame to unveil the changes.  My communication plan for the new Anderson College logo and name change.
  • Next, we had to critique the ways in which Dow Corning resolved their crisis and think of ways in which we could have helped the situation.
  • I also researched the methods that BP employed to overcome their recent crisis and compiled it into a Case Study.
Public Relations: Visual
  • In “Public Relations: Visual,” we learned about typography, layout, and color consideration when making company logos, brochures, newsletters, and business cards. The class was primarily focused on using InDesign to create a variety of public relations material.
  • Our first project was to create an identity package for a local health organization called the Interprofessional Service for Learning Assessment. Here is the logo, letterhead, and business card I created for them.
  • I also created a poster for an organization called Precious Time, which provides parents with special needs children the opportunity to take a break and allow nursing students to care for their children.
  • This is the brochure I made for the Valley Aids Network in order to try to reach their broad constituent base.
  • Here is a brochure I created to inform people about the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
  • I created this newsletter in order to reach the bi-lingual constituents of the Promotores de Salud.
Computer Mediated Communication
  • In this class, I learned about computer mediated communication and its implications on current society. The class focused on how the new technology has been shaping the global culture in both positive and negative ways.
  • Our group created a blog about communication from the lifespan perspective. We looked at how different generations use technology differently. Here is a link to our blog.
  • In photojournalism, I learned how to frame a shot, find a meaningful scene worth shooting, and how to adjust aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to get the correct lighting.
  • I also learned how to enhance pictures and crop pictures using photoshop.
  • We shot a variety of types of shot, such as action shots, head shots, studio portraits, feature pictures, and media events.
  • To see my photographs, go to my Flickr stream, which is also previewed and linked on the left sidebar.
  • Here is a brochure I made in order to promote Downtown Books.
Great American Literature
  • My general education literature was my favorite class outside of my major. It allowed me the opportunity to analyze poetry, read classic American novels, and write in a different style. My teacher liked to challenge us, so for our term paper, he did not assign us any topic. I chose to write about Robert Frost, but decided to look at it through the perspective that his image does not match with his work. Here is my term paper from my Great American Literature class.
Relevant Skills:
  • Along with basic photo editing to create optimal lighting, contrast, and levels, I also learned how to manipulate photographs to create more dramatic works of art.
  • This a a photograph of my brother that I edited in order to mimic a Nike ad.
  • I took a both pictures used in this creation in order to make a JMU themed postcard.
  • All three of these were separate pictures found online that I fused together in order to create a Mini World.  The blue setting offsets the fact that they are residing on ice cubes.
  • I created a poster that was designed to advertise the School of Media Arts and Design and the four concentrations.
  • I have taken two classes of photography in high school and then one in college. I enjoy taking pictures. To look at my photography, click here to see my Flickr stream.
Basic Video Recording and Editing
  • I created this short movie for my Fundamentals class, in which I came up with the plot, music, filmed it, and edited it.  Watch it and enjoy the haunting story entitled “Who’s There?
Newspaper Writing
  • I wrote my first opinion article for our school newspaper, The Breeze, about a new rock they put on our campus.
  • My second article for The Breeze was a satire about Trump becoming the president.
  • I also wrote an article for The Breeze entitled In Defense of Disney Princesses.
  • I also wrote a letter to the editor for The Breeze about becoming involved on campus.
  • I was also published in The Daily News Record in Harrisonburg, Virginia in the Open Forum Section.  Here is a link to my article.
  • My letter to the editor to the Hartford Courant can be found here.
Work Experience:
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • Williamsburg, VA 23185
  • Business Intern, May 2011-August 2012
  • Facility Supervisor in the Games Department for two summers.
  • I was in charge of managing eleven games and typically fourteen employees daily, where I would audit tills, manage labor hours, provide customer service, audit employee performances, order inventory, stock and organize games, and schedule breaks.
  • We had to create an internship project both years.  My first year, our project was a business proposal to create a tram system that ran to the Rhine River in order to make it wheelchair accessible.  My second year, our project proposal was to put scan codes for smart phones in the ride lines in order to give guests the opportunity to enhance their ride experience and potentially offer exclusive content and deals.
Madison Connection
  • James Madison University, August 2010-May 2011
  • I was a student caller, who had to call parents, alumni, and friends of the University in an effort to fundraise.
  • I personally raised $22, 468 in one year and won the “Fab Five” Award for Spring 2011 for the most credit card donations.
Wallingford Parks and Recreation
  • Wallingford, Connecticut, June 2009- August 2010
  • Summer Camp Counselor
  • I monitored and entertained 100 children ages 6-11 for 6 weeks during the summer.
Club Involvement:
Pi Sigma Epsilon: September 2010-Present
  • Professional Fraternity in Marketing, Sales, and Management
  • Recruitment Coordinator, Fall 2011
  • Public Relations Committee Member, Spring 2011
  • Pledge Marketing Project: Sold 250 drawstring bags in 8 weeks during Fall 2010
SafeRides: September 2011-Present
  • Self-funded non-profit organization
  •  Functions to educate the community on the dangers of drunk driving
  •  Provides students with a safe ride home on weekends

Career Educators: August 2012- Present

  • I assist students in researching potential majors and careers, as well as review their resumes.
  • I also deliver workshops on these topics.

Volunteer Experience:

  • SPCA dog walker and cat socializer: Spring 2011-Present
  • Relay for Life: March 2008-Present
  • Alternative Spring Break: One week in Georgetown, South Carolina to repair three houses: March 2010

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